Which is the Best Epilator for your Face and Body

Are you fed up with with unwanted hair on your body and face? Do you dream of having smooth and silky skin? Are you tired of shaving and find waxing painful? There is an alternative solution and that’s an epilator which is less hassle than shaving and maybe not as painful as waxing.

In this guide we will look at what an epilator is and which are the best epilators on the market.

What is an Epilator

An epilator is designed to removes unwanted hair from underarms, legs, arms, face and bikini area.

Its an electric device that plucks the hairs from their roots, it is a much faster process although they can be more painful, this depends on your own pain threshold but the more you use it the less painful it gets.

They remove the hair at follicle level using spinning discs or springs that grab hold of hairs on your skin, then the moving parts of epilator pulls the hair from the root,ouch.

They are a great hair removal solution with long lasting results compared with other methods.

They can be mains powered, cordless, rechargeable and battery powered.

Types of epilator

As a rule there are three types of epilator which all use different actions to remove the hair.

Spring type:  When the first epilators appeared on the market they used a coil spring with a rotating action. The coil part grabs hold of the hair and and the rotating action would pull out the hair from the root. These days you will usually find spring type epilators for facial hair.

Rotating disc type: This type of epilator is very similar to using tweezers, it has rotating metal discs that close together grabbing multiple hairs at one time and plucks them out. The rotating discs then discard the unwanted hairs using centrifugal forces.

Tweezer typeMost epilators on the market today use this tweezer type. The head has tips on the moving plates that come together catching the hairs and plucking them out, they then part to release the unwanted hairs.

Choosing the best Epilator


Silk Epil 9-961e Skin Spa Women’s Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator with 6 Extras


This is the best the best selling Epilator on Amazon

This is a 4-in-one epilator that also shaves and exfoliates the skin.

It can be used wet or dry

It can be used on your face and body and uses the microgrip tweezer technology so you can enjoy long-lasting smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.

It’s cordless.with about 40 minutes running time between charges and there is a battery level to let you know how much charge is left, it takes about an hour to fully charge. It cannot be used whilst plugged into the mains, this is for safety reasons i.e. using in the bath or shower.

There’s a light that allows you to see even the finest hairs and is great for using in the bathroom were the light might be dimmer mood lighting.

There are 2 speed settings, speed 1 is for extra gentle epilation and one we recommend you start with while speed 2 IS for an extra efficient epilation.

As it can be used wet or dry its 100% waterproof and can be used in the bath and shower.

It comes with 6 attachments altogether, the epilator head and 5 extras.

The standard massage epilator head is 40% wider which removes a lot more hair with each pass and has been designed to hold the epilator slightly away from the skin with a series of rollers, you can remove the roller part and fit the skin contact cap which as the name suggests will touch your skin pulling out more hairs making it faster to use but it might hurt a bit more.

The next attachment is the facial cap which as the name suggests is for the delicate facial skin, it has a smaller slot in the centre of the epilator head which can be s bit difficult to use although you could use the wider skin contact cap if you wanted too.

Next up is the shaver head which turns the epilator into a fully functional shaver, basically this is for areas were you find it easier and less painful to shave rather the epilat, it also comes with trimming cap attachment that lets you trim your hair where preferred.

Lastly is the exfoliation brush head, this gently removes dead skin cells for visible radiance and skin regeneration, it moves back and forth rather than spinning around. You also get a high density brush with 10.000 fine bristles that gently removes dead skin cells and stimulates skin regeneration.

It comes with really useful user guide which we recommend you read before use, a brush for cleaning and a 2 year guarantee.

For more information, reviews and the latest price go to Amazon.co.uk


Panasonic ES-ED90 Wet/Dry Epilator with 6 Attachments and Travel Pouch

Panasonic ES-ED90 wet and dry Epilator This is a 3-in-one epilator that also has a shaving attachment and a foot care file for filing hard skin on your feet.

It can be used dry or wet and you can also use it with foam by adding a small amount of soap to a wet epilator head and turning on which then foams up, they say this helps with epilating.

It is suitable for your legs, arms, underarms and bikini-line and uses the tweezer technology with 48 tweezers to pluck out your hairs for a long-lasting smooth skin.

It’s a fully cordless epilator with up to 40 minutes running time between charges, it takes about an hour to fully charge and a red light will show when charging and goes out when charged. The red light will flash when the epilator needs charging.

Unfortunately it cant be used whilst plugged into the mains, this is for safety feature to stop you using it in the bath or shower.

There’s a light that comes on when you turn the epilator on, this allows you to see even the finest of hairs.

There are 2 speed settings, the first setting is the highest speed which is the normal mode and has an orange light when selected  push the button again and the light will turn to green, this is now in soft mode which is a slower speed and recommended for people with sensitive skin and beginners. Push the button again and it will turn off.

It contains 6 different attachments for you to choose from.

The main epilation head is for your arms and legs and there are two different caps that you can use with it. The first is the beginners cap that you would use if you’ve never epilated or haven’t epilated for some time. The second is the fast cap that is perfect for experienced users.

Next up is the shaver head that can be used on the more sensitive parts of the body or just a quick shave if you’re in a rush, There’s also a trimming guard which they call a bikini comb, it simply snaps on to the shaver attachment and is useful for tidying and trimming.

There is also an epilation head for doing underarms and your bikini line. This is a separate smaller head that is perfect for doing your underarms and delicate parts.

Lastly it comes with a foot file head which is a bit of a welcome surprise. This is very useful for filing down hard skin and calluses from your feet. It has a rotating pumice stone that makes it much easier than manual filling.


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Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6422/02

Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6422/02 with Opti-start Cap with Massage ElementIf you are looking for a basic entry level epilator at the lower end of the price range this compact one from Phillips could suit you.

It is a dry use only and should not be used in the bath or shower.

This is a corded epilator but it does come with a very long lead to reach your mains powered socket.

It uses a high spinning tweezer action with 20 tweezers and can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm.

There are two speed options with the lower speed suitable for sensitive areas or for beginners while the faster speed is for larger areas and is more efficient.

It comes with an opti-start cap that massages and relaxes your skin as you epilate, it also optimises the angle and position of the head for effective hair removal.

The head can be removed for washing and it comers with a brush for cleaning.

Also included is a pouch to keep it in.

For more information, reviews and the latest price go to Amazon.co.uk


Braun Face 810 Women’s Facial Epilator

Braun Face 810 Women's Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush Electric Hair Removal If you are looking for an epilator just to use on your face this one from Braun is well worth a look and its a 2-in-1 device.

Its a compact and sleek design and handles very much like a mascara brush.

For use on your upper lip, chin, forehead and to maintain the eyebrows.

Its battery operated and 100% waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath. The battery is included.

The slim epilation head has 10 micro openings with 200 plucking motions per second to capture even the finest hairs making it a lot easier and faster than using tweezers.

It has a left and right mode to make it easier to do both sides of the face.

It removes hair as short as 0.02mm.

The kit comes with a face cleansing brush that gently oscillates back and forth removing make-up, oils and pollutants, pore-deep, great for using in the shower..

Includes a cleaning brush and a protective cap.

For more information, reviews and the latest price go to Amazon.co.uk


Your Guide to Choosing the Best Epilator

Different types of Epilator: When you start looking at epilators you will quickly realise that there are many different epilators to choose from. There are wet and dry ones and ones that are just dry. You can choose one that has lots of functions and attachments or just one that does one thing and one thing only, epilates. As you can see it might not be as easy as you thought especially when you factor in your budget. Be prepared to spend a little more for epilators by the big brands with lots of features.

Different areas of the body: First things first, what area of the body do you want to remove the hair from. The reason I ask this is because you can buy epiltaors that are only suitable for your arms and legs while others will do legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. If you want one for the face you can buy one for the face only or a complete system that also does arms, legs, underarms and bikini line.

Cordless or corded: You can choose between a cordless or corded epilator. If you choose a wet and dry epilator you will find it will be cordless for safety reasons as you cant mix water and electricity, you will also find that you wont be able to use it while plugged into the mains while charging. Some dry cordless models allow you to use it plugged into the mains. Mains powered epilators need to be plugged in to a socket to use them which is great as you never run out of power unlike a cordless one but they might not be as convenient as the cordless especially when travelling or you cant get to a power supply,

Features to consider

Wet and dryA wet and dry epilator is perfect for using in the shower or bath as you can complete you beauty and pampering regime in one season.

Massage featureUsing a massage function could help to improve blood flow to the top layer of your skin which may help with the pain when epilating.

Tweezers: The amount of tweezers that are in the epilator makes a difference. The more tweezers you have the more hairs will be pulled out with each pass, less tweezers as found in cheaper models pull out less hairs so you need go back and forth a lot more times.

Speeds: Speed settings can be just one speed when you turn your epilator on or two speed. Having two speeds is more favourable especially if you’re new to epilating, using a slower speed is better for beginners while faster speed is for experienced users and is also a faster way to epilate,

Pivoting head: If the epilator has a pivoting head it will be easier to follow the contours of your body which helps you get into every curve whilst holding the head tight to the skin.

LightIt can be difficult to see all your hairs on your skin even in a well lit room so a light fitted to an epilator will allow you to see even the finest of hairs.

AttachmentsWhen choosing an epilator check out any attachments that come with it. Some can be very useful such as a shaving head or an attachment for removing hard skin on your feet.

How to use an Epilator

Choosing which is the best epilator for you is an important step so if you haven’t bought one yet check out our reviews above and read our tips on what to look for.

Exfoliate your skin before using your epilator, this will remove dead skin and will prevent ingrown hairs. You can use an exfoliating glove or body scrub to achieve this or in some model of epilators they come with an exfoliation attachment so keep an eye out for these if you haven’t already purchased one.

Hold the epilator at 90 degrees to the skin, this is a very natural and comfortable way of holding it. Hold it loosely against the skin but don’t press it against the skin.

It is essential to hold the skin taunt. This is not only the most efficient way to epilate but also helps with the pain. When doing your underarms raise your hands over your head which should stretch your skin and help with pinching the skin.

Always epilate against the direction in which the hair is growing and move slowly, if you rush it you are more likely to break the hairs at the surface rather than pulling them out from the roots.

If you are epilating for the first time you will feel some pain and discomfit to start with but be patient and don’ give up. The more you do it the easier and less painful it gets. Using every couple of weeks helps keep the hairs short, the shorter the hairs the less it will hurt.

It’s best to epilate at night as you may find redness on the skin which wouldn’t look good if you intend to out through the day.

Use a moisturiser after epilation and in the morning your skin should feel silky smooth.